The Triumph of a human spirit When I took a survey on my life – the happenings on my journey, Teenage Stage, Young Adult Stage and Adult Stage, I am amazed of the boundless and measureless, the depth and strength of a human spirit. When I remember the atrocities I had to endure and pass through to finally touch the naked body of my vision – the curriculum and platform that bears a human experience. The journey so detailed in my titles: 1. Stand – (Teenage Stage) 2. 7Letters 7Years – (Young Adult Stage) 3. The Dawn – (Adult Stage) Enjoy tem, and as you do so in love, find your own moment of greatness, a spot of peace and deep personal fulfillment. It can only be about what I dare to do on my behalf, I will not be limited by any opinion on my past. ~ Mandisa Mndela

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