Stand Your Truth mobile report

There are over 2 billion users in the world with Smartphones; that number is expected to rise up to 6 billion by 2020. On top of that Social Networks are growing at an alarming rate. With those figures, it’s trivial to recognize mobile as an efficient way to transfer information.

Stand Your Truth is a social platform for engaging in discussions towards creating solutions. It’s on both web and mobile making it accessible to over than 2 billion users. We have seen a lot of traction after its release – where users are engaging amongst themselves on the network.

The designers of the mobile app spent a great amount of time ensuring it meets the world standard in both design and ease of use. This was specifically important since the app targets users ranging from teenagers, young adults and adults.

As with any projects, there are challenges that were faced in production. The biggest one being able publishing the app on the Apple Store. Otherwise Stand Your Truth is one of South Africa’s Success Stories.