Reviews of what people say about Stand Your Truth

Lulama Rozani – Educator
“Stand is a true life story of a young girl who was born into a beautiful, loving family that unexpectedly experienced premature disintegration. The young girl and her sister soon find themselves in the hands of a merciless grandmother who emotionally and physically abuses them. Instead of getting better, the situation escalates into more pain and more unthinkable suffering. How does the young girl survive? Mandisa takes us through an emotional journey whereby hope finds inner strength, and inner strength draws from truth and purpose. Amidst confusion and hurting, her determination to STAND affirms the TRUTH that “No matter how bleak the situation seems, as long as you believe in your dreams, never give up.”
Carolyn Starkweather, Florida, USA
“Mandisa Mndela is a profound inspiration! Her empowering wisdom, personal perseverance and steadfast quest to survive encourage-ably horrific trials and abusive tribulations by embracing God’s love and triumphant faith is a manifest of a Christ filled life. Mandisa’s life is a compelling transformation from the abyss of hatred and vindictive vengeance to indomitable courage, strength, faith, hope and ultimate stand for truth. Her story speaks persuasively to all in search of spiritual guidance, healing, harmony, truth and fulfillment.”
Deamer Dunn, Writer, Businessman, Artist – Salinas, CA
“Open your hearts and minds to the vision that is Mandisa. Standing strong in the face of adversities can create strength. Again and again, Mandisa has taken on unjust and uncomfortable situations. Somehow she has not only overcome so many challenges, she continues to add more electricity to her endearing smile. First she shared a piece of her challenged past in her spiritual and poetic book “Stand.” Then came the platform, “Stand Your Truth.” A forum dedicated for promoting effective communication. Now you have a chance to bring Mandisa’s powerful energy and love to your group by inviting Mandisa to speak at your event. She rose to the occasion when I surprised everyone in my crowded restaurant to stop and listen to a few thoughts from a compelling woman. She drew us all into her magical perspective. She spoke to us for just a few minutes but we all remember her, and the vision she shared. Make a dynamic choice and invite Mandisa to bring her multi-cultural message to your event.”