About Mandisa Mndela, Founder of Stand Your Truth

Mandisa Mndela – Founder at Stand Your Truth, Author and a South African Native, took a Stand, and emerged as a unique voice and astute observer of the contemporary challenges which affect the parental/child dynamic.

From her own personal journey, a child of privileged to a neglected and abused youngster, a teenage mother, a failed marriage, and a successful single parent provider, Mandisa has endured and analyzed vast dimensions of life, acquiring insights which have propelled her to inhabit her role as a compelling author, life enthusiast, and an education thought leader.

Her life experiences chronicled in her 3books –

1. ”Stand” – 2012

2. ’7Letters 7Years” – 2014

3. “The Dawn” – 2016

Which has ultimately and uniquely positioned her to provide insights to the perplexing questions which plague the modern child-parent familial dynamic.
All of which has culminated in the creation of the curriculum and platform that bears human experience.

Moved by the displacement of our age, the lack of sense of worth and purpose of our young people, it has become clear that in addition to the standard educational curriculum, there has been a corresponding need for inner/emotive curriculum which seeks to inform, strengthen the health and fitness of students in their imagination and self-esteem. ‘’ says Mandisa

With more and more well-meaning parents stymied by the challenging workplace/career demands required to provide the child/student with shelter/food/clothing/education fees, there is often little time and energy left for parents to adequately address the needs of the child/students other developmental intangibles.
In turn, Stand Your Truth provides an organized mechanism through which this critical life developmental void may be addressed.

As a public speaker, Mandisa talks of what she believes are the three-tiers of self-realization,




Given the priorities of modern society, sometimes this is easier said than done.
In the guise of her alter-ego, a mezzo-soprano, violinist, Mandisa has appeared on numerous occasions on the world stage, performing.

“I find it a good metaphor for my life thus far, “says Mandisa.
“We all have a unique voice inside of us which we have to find an outlet for. When we are born we are not given a manual to life, so it is really trial and error but if you stand your truth, lean on your purpose as you build on your aspirations in contribution to this world in service, then, you can be fulfilled.”