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A power house of life skills, a space where we all work collaboratively to address everyday communication issues towards solutions to life’s complex challenges. At Stand Your Truth, we believe that by working together, we can increase each other’s sense of fulfilment and community—and by doing so, improve society as a whole.

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Mandisa Mndela’s autobiographical tale, a story of shocking hardship and incredible triumph of the spirit.

Teens Energetic and Enlightened

TEE is a community of enthusiastic teens who know who they are, confident in their beliefs and are not afraid to share them with the world.

7 Letters 7 Years

It is very difficult to be in a position to see what others cannot see, and it takes a different kind of strength to pursue what you saw, that vision.

Young, Alive and Aware

YAA inspires young people to take a stand and do what’s needed to make their mark in the world.

The Dawn

When I took a survey on my life – the happenings on my journey, Teenage Stage, Young Adult Stage and Adult Stage, I am amazed of the boundless and measureless, the depth and strength of a human spirit.

Adults Wealthy and Wise

AWW is for adults who want to positively impact young ones, and through them, the world.

Beyond The Vision

Gates of my soul flung open, as I finally touch the naked body of my vision. Stand Your Truth and its offerings. Now, what? You found it, (Purpose) you stood it, (Vision) now it is time to live it (Service). A time to serve.